Frequently Asked Questions

Can Planfetti be used to replace conventional confetti?
Yes.  Plantfetti is a natural, environmentally safe solution compared with commercial confetti (produced from synthetically dyed, treated paper, plastic or other synthetic material).  Our Plantfetti ingredients are sourced by a traditional herbalist who loves dryed plants and the language of flowers.  After use, your Plantfetti will decompose naturally into the soil from which it originated from

Where is Plantfetti sourced?
We strive to wild forage as much as possible, collecting leaves from trees, wild flowers, nz native plants and wild herbs around the north island of New Zealand.  Remaining plants and petals, are gathered from organic gardens or gardens where sprays are not used.  We predominantly use air drying in a hot attic and dry the remainder in a stainless steel dehydrator

Are essential oils or other scents added to Planfetti?
Essential oils are not needed in our product as we gather plants thoughtfully to enhance the subtle scents of nature.   Our plantfetti aroma is delightful on its own and smells like the forest after rain with the delicate aroma of flowers and medicinal herbs and clients when opening the product frequently say 'I can't stop smelling it"  "This smells so good'.  A client suprised us by purchasing a tin of Planfetti for the sole intention of 'sniffing it' whenever she felt like a lift.  Once the natural aroma has diminshed, essential oils can be used if desired to refresh or introduce new aromas, especially when used as a pot pouri

What is the shelf life of Plantfetti?
Our tins and large jar are airtight and the dried plants will keep their texture, colour and natural aroma for at least a year.  If using in a bowl, around candles, in bathrooms, for dining settings, the plant matter will slowly soften over the months as they absorb moisture from the air.

What size do I need?

60gm a handful of natural confetti for weddings | gift for someone special | corporate gifts | around base of candles | bathroom ambience | funeral scatter | easily fits in pocket or handbag | to open tin and smell whenever you need a lift from the delightful aroma

250gm setting the mood | enhancing your dining pleasure | around the base of candles | gift | sprinkling anywhere | display in beautiful bowl | family scatter for weddings or funerals | sprinkle on final resting place for your pet

450gm  in a clear glass jar |  scattering planfetti around bride and groom for photos | used for all of above in greater amounts | dining setting sprinkle for several tables | in a glass or crystal bowl for ambience | place in a bowl for guests to use as attractive natural confetti or celebration scattering | anywhere, anytime to create ambience

Plantfetti is ideal to replace fresh flowers when unavailable and looks beautiful around the base of candles in the home, creating ambience at events and entranceway and restaurant dining.