NZ Potpourri | Natural Confetti
Wild Foraged | Hand crafted Gifts

NZ NATURAL POT POURRI  | beautiful in your favourite bowl | floating on water in cystal bowl or glass | around candles | in your bath | dining scatter | unique gift

THE NATURAL CONFETTI | bridal scatter | sprinkle around bride for wedding photos | table sprinkle | guest gifts | scatter at entrance | display in bowl or float on water in guest glasses | petal & leaf cones | please email us for bulk orders or specific requirements so Plantfetti can enrich your perfect day

What is Plantfetti® and how would I use it?
Plantfetti contains aromatic leaves, petals, whole flowers, herbs & natives, dried to perfection preserving gorgeous colour & aroma.  Display in bowls, cones, buckets or scrunch your Plantfetti mix and use as table sprinkle

Inhale natures aromatherapy open your container, inhale the aroma from nature and feel yourself chill-out & relax.  Pop the lid back on and keep for next time.  Plantfetti tins are ideal for instant use and easily fit into your handbag

A thoughtful Gift introduce a burst of cheerfulness to a special person's life. Calming aroma & visually attractive.  Small tins make delightful guest gifts for weddings or can be used for personal natural confetti.
A feel-good factor home|work bringing nature indoors.  Naturally aromatic & pretty reflecting the seasons

Corporate gifts for tables | entrance to enhance your corporate event.  Original handcrafted corporate gift of Plantfetti® as a reminder of a great event
Beautiful funeral scatter for casket or final resting place or scattered over your pet's burial site
Replacing fresh flowers for that long lasting significant memory of a christening, graduation, birthday, anniversary or significant event. Original gift or scatter smells gorgeous and is visually attractive
Tin Sizes

Plantfetti® | A burst of colour and texture

We are a boutique ethically based business with a focus on sustainability.  Using flowers, leaves, natives & herbs, we dry slowly preserving vibrant colour & nature's subtle scent, with a little Arroz.  That is all we use! Nature's bounty, free of preservatives & additives, decomposing naturally as nature intended. 

Plantfetti is predominantly wild foraged from spray free areas around NZ and organic gardens in Bay of Plenty by a traditional herbalist and forager who comes from a long line of woman who have always foraged.

A burst of cheerful colour & texture - Plantfetti® brings you the love of nature in every scatter!

Every season brings different textures, delicous aroma and vibrant colours to enrich the uniqueness of our Plantfetti®